Electronics Kit 4.3

Setup Power chassis
Mount Chassis
Mount Aux Panel
Mount Power supply
Power Supply no Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis & Aux
Mount AC Relay
Mount DC Converter
Mount E-Stop
Mount Limit Switchs
Mount Stepper Motors
Mount Cooling Fan
Wire DC Converter to Power Supply
Wire JK02 to DC Conv
Wire DIV268N to Steppers
Wire JK02 to DIV268N
Wire DIV268N to Power
Wire Steppers
Wire E-Stop to JK02-M
Wire Limit Switches
Wire Limit Switches to JK02-M
Wire Converter/Fan
Mach3 EStop/Limits for JK02
Mach3 Pins/Ports JK02-M5


Electronics Kit 4.3 Instructions



Electronics Kits 2 to 4

Important Info:
The following info will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes when assembling you electronics kit and machine

Hot Motors?
During your assembly you will want to turn your electronics kit while it is not being controlled by Mach3 (or other controller software) and is not connected to a PC. This is OK to test to see if everything is wired correctly and all the LED's come on. However you should not leave your CNC electronics in this state for any longer than you have to. The DIV268 drives are auto-enable and without a signal from Mach3 they will switch on and send 100% current to the motors in the "Hold" position. Within a couple of minutes your Motors and Drivers will begin to heat up so this should be avoided where possible as there is a chance you can damage both your drivers and motors if left in this state for prolonged periods of time.

Your motors and drivers will not heat up when controlled "correctly" by Mach3.

Following the recommended start up procedure will avoid the issue completely.

Attaching an electric drill or crank handle to the back of your stepper motors?
While assembling your machine you may find winding your axis's back and forth by hand slow and tiresome and be tempted to attach an electric drill to the shaft at the back of the stepper motor. This can be fairly disastrous as a motor becomes a generator when driven by an external force. The power feed back to the drivers will most likely exceeded their capacity in both voltage and amperage and permanently damage them.

Please don't externally/physically drive your motors.

Using a knob/wheel on the back of a stepper motor is fine when being turned by hand. Remember to turn your electronics off first (do not force motors in the hold position, it will damage them).



Mounting Electrics/Electronics:



Initial setup of Power chassis


Power chassis


Auxiliary socket panel


Power supply

Emergency stop button






DC to DC converter



Cooling Fan




Stepper motors



limit switches




Wiring Electrics/Electronics:

Setting up the power supply:

1.    Connecting Power supply without Power chassis (straight to lead)

2.    Connecting Power supply via Power chassis

3.    Connecting Power supply via Power chassis with Auxiliary power panel.



Connecting the DC to DC converters to the Power Supply



Connecting the JK02 Breakout board to the 5v DC to DC Converter



Connecting DIV268N Drivers to Power Supply


Connecting Stepper motors to DIV268N Stepper Driver



Connecting JK02 Breakout board to DIV268N Stepper Driver




Connecting 12v DC to DC converter and Fan to Power supply



Connecting Emergency stop button to JK02 Breakout Board



Wire Limit Switches at the Axis



Connecting Limit switches to JK02-M5




Configuring MACH3 Software


JK02-M5  Pins, Ports and onboard Relay



JK02-M5 Emergency stop button and Limit switches


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