Frequently Asked Questions:


I would like to change out some of the parts in one of your kits?

Changing out parts is fine, however, this is a small home business so if the part isn't listed in another auction then I most likely won't have it in stock. I parts in bulk (Stepper motors 40 at a time), so it's unlikely I would be able to change out some of the major items, ie.. if you required NEMA 42 motors instead of 23.


There there Plans for building a CNC machine?

Currently I do not have any plans for building a home made CNC machine, there are several about on e-bay but I don't have any experience with them so I can't recommend or advise to keep away from any of them.


My computer doesn't have an LPT port?

Most modern computers don't have an LPT port, however LPT port PCI cards are readily available and usually cost under $10 delivered. There are USB options but they would add to much to the cost of a kit for me to include (approx $100-$170) and would make my product undesirable because of price.


What version of Windows can I run this with?

This product works with all 32 bit versions of Windows, however, the software used to run the CNC machine is called Mach3, this software has known issues with 64 bit versions of Windows, more specifically the LPT drivers for the 64 bit versions.




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