Electronics Kit 4.3
Electronics Kit 1.2



Instructions for assembling and wiring your kits.


Before you attempt to assemble your kit please read all of these before continuing:


  1. Mains AC power can Kill or seriously injure you and those around you
  2. Do Not connect your power cable to power while assembling/repairing your equipment
  3. Do not connect your parallel cable (D-SUB25) to your PC while assembling/repairing your equipment
  4. Do not have your kit powered on when:

    Adding or removing components,

    Connecting or disconnecting cables,

    Changing dip switch settings, or,

    Carrying out any other work or maintenance on your equipment.


  5. Not following the correct start up process may damage all equipment involved (particularly your PC's main board and your driver/breakout board) if not followed.

    a.  Make sure both the PC and your CNC Power Supplies are turned off before you connect the Parallel cable

    b.  Boot up your PC, login and open Mach3 or other controller software

    c.  Turn on your CNC Power Supplies

    d.  Click on "Reset" (should be flashing) in Mach3


  6. Read instructions through to the end of each section before physically beginning a procedure
  7. If in doubt, post on our Facebook wall, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  8. The manufactures CD's are not created by Hobby CNC Australia but are created by the HY electronics company. Hobby CNC Australia no longer supplies these CD's with it's kits and does not recommend you follow any instructions or use any software on the CDs as they a riddled with errors and incorrect information. Please only use the instructions from this site and software you have down loaded from reputable sites. No additional drivers other than Mach3 and standard Windows drivers are required to make our kits work.
  9. Electronics kits will require Mach3 or some other form of controller software to run. To download Mach3 click here to be taken to ArtSoft's Mach3 Support Site. The trial version is free with no expiry but is limited to 500 lines of G-Code
  10. Use the LPT cable that was delivered with your kit, non-generic cabels can damage your electronics/PC



Step by step assembly, mounting, wiring and configuration instructions for:


Electronics Kit 4.3 (and 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 versions)
Electronics kits based on the JK02-M breakout board and DIV268N Stepper drivers.

These versions are no longer stocked and are not available


Spindle Kit 36400 (and 36300, 24300)
Spindle kits base on the 400w DC spindle.

These versions are no longer stocked and are not available



Electronics kit 1.1 (and 1.2 versions)
Electronics kits based on the TB6560 Driver board and 270-290oz Stepper Motors.

These versions are no longer stocked and are not available






RM1605 Ballscrew
RM1605 (and other versions) assembly instructions.



Gantry Kit Gen4: (and Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 versions)

Gen4 was the last version of this kit and is not currently available.




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