Wire DIV268 Driver to JK02 Breakout Board

Connecting JK02 Breakout board to the DIV268N-5A Stepper Drivers.

The JK02-M Breakout Board facilitates the communications between the Mach3 software on your computer and the hardware in your CNC Router. Although it has many features, on it’s own it is not powerful enough to move a stepper motor. To move stepper motors the breakout board will require a Stepper Driver to interpret it’s signals and convert them to physical electrical current to move the stepper motor. Your kit will also contain between 3 and 5  DIV268N-5A Stepper Drivers depending on the kit. These instructions will cover how to connect your JK02-M Breakout Board to the DIV268N-5A Stepper Drivers.


AC Mains Power can kill or seriously injure

DO NOT plug in your equipment while you are working on it

Never make jumper switch changes to your Driver while it is powered up as it will permanently damage it

Parts Required

Supplied Parts

1 (to 5) x Mounted and Wired DIV268N-5A Driver(s)

1 x JK02-M Breakout Board

1 x Twisted Pair Wiring set (or Additional Wire Set optional)

 Parts to be sourced

No additional parts required.

 Recommended tools

Wire stripper

Wire cutter

Crimping tool

Flat head screwdriver (small)

Parts Overview

JK02 Breakout board

  1. 5v DC in Terminal block
  2. E-stop Input Terminal block
  3. A-Limit Input Terminal block
  4. Z-Limit Input Terminal block
  5. Y-Limit Input Terminal block
  6. X-Limit Input Terminal block
  7. Relay Terminal block
  8. D-Sub 25 – Parallel cable/PC input connector
  9. D-Sub 15 – Jog pendant Input connector
  10. DC Relay
  11. 5 Axis LED Display connector
  12. 4 Axis LED Display connector
  13. 3 Axis LED Display connector
  14. B Axis Terminal block
  15. X Axis Terminal block
  16. Y Axis Terminal block
  17. Z Axis Terminal block
  18. A Axis Terminal block
  19. 5v DC USB Power in connector
  20. Power source selector switch

DIV268N-5A Driver

  1. Terminal 1 DC+ In
  2. Terminal 2 DC- In
  3. Terminal 3 Stepper Motor B- Out
  4. Terminal 4 Stepper Motor B+ Out
  5. Terminal 5 Stepper Motor A- Out
  6. Terminal 6 Stepper Motor A+ Out
  7. Terminal 7 Enable Signal DC+ in
  8. Terminal 8 Enable Signal DC- in
  9. Terminal 9 Pulse (Step) Signal DC+ in
  10. Terminal 10 Pulse (step) Signal DC- in
  11. Terminal 11 Direction Signal DC+ in
  12. Terminal 12 Direction Signal DC- in
  13. Dip Switch Block for current and resolutionSW1 Current Setting
    SW2 Current Setting
    SW3 Current Setting
    SW4 Resolution Setting
    SW5 Resolution Setting
    SW6 Resolution Setting
  14. Power LED
  15. Activity/Error LED
  16. Mounting Plate
  17. Mounting Points
  18. Electronics cover
  19. Heat sink

Required/Recommend Steps Before these instructions

Connecting DIV268N Drivers to Power Supply

Connecting Stepper motors to DIV268N Stepper Driver


Assembly/Installation process

These instructions will cover wiring the JK02-M Breakout Board to the DIV268N-5A Stepper Drivers. Positions of parts and lengths of wires  used are for instruction only and may vary from your actual setup and you will have to interpret/vary these instructions to meet your own needs. All parts and wiring from previous instructions have been omitted in an effort not to over complicate the images.

Wiring at the JK02-M End

The best wire for this task is the twisted pair in your kit, however you can use the additional wire kit if you find these instructions difficult to follow with twisted pair. I was not able to draw the twisted pair correctly so I have ended up just drawing the wires from point to point, you will have to use your imagination, I was also not able to show the different stripes on wires either.

Why use twisted pair, well it’s designed to carry a signal better and the actual twisting of one wire around another aids in maintaining signal integrity.

From your Twisted pair wire set choose two sets of wire, I have chosen the blue and blue/white (blue stripe not shown on blue/white) and green and green/white (green stripe not shown on green/white) sets. Roll them out so they are flat.

Strip each wire back approx 6mm

Twist both the green/white and blue/white wires together. Now give the green wire a twist to bind all the loose strands together and do the same with blue wire.

Locate the X axis terminal block on the JK02-M Breakout Board, this is item “15” from the parts overview.

Loosen of the retaining screws marked “XN” (X axis DC neutral), “XD” (X axis Direction signal) and “XS” (X axis Step signal). The “XE” (X axis Enable signal) will not be used as the DIV268N Stepper Drivers are auto-enabled. Insert the combined green/white and blue/white wires into the terminal labeled “XN” and tighten.

 Insert the blue wire into the terminal labeled “XD” and tighten.

Lastly insert the green wire into the terminal labeled “XS” and tighten.

Wiring at the DIV268N Stepper Driver End

Locate the “Direction signal in” and “Pulse signal in” terminals on the DIV268N Stepper Driver that is connected to the Stepper Motor for the X axis. These are terminal 9, 10, 11 and 12 from the Overview.

Run the green and green/white pair of wires to the Pulse in terminals, the green “XS” wire from the JK02 Breakout Board will run to PUL+ (terminal 9) on the DIV268N Driver. The green/white wire from “XN” on the JK02 will run to PUL- (terminal 10)  on the DIV268N Driver.

Leave about 10mm of additional wire and cut. Strip the wire back about 6mm and twist the loose fibers together.

Loosen off terminals 9 and 10 on the DIV268N, insert the green into PUL+ (terminal 9) and the green/white into PUL- (terminal 10). Tighten terminals 9 and 10.

Now run the blue and blue/white pair of wires to the Direction in terminals, the blue “XD” wire from the JK02 Breakout Board will run to DIR+ (terminal 11) on the DIV268N Driver. The blue/white wire from “XN” on the JK02 will run to DIR- (terminal 12)  on the DIV268N Driver.

Leave about 10mm of additional wire and cut. Strip the wire back about 6mm and twist the loose fibers together.

Loosen off terminals 11 and 12 on the DIV268N, insert the blue into DIR+ (terminal 11) and the blue/white into DIR- (terminal 12). Tighten terminals 11 and 12.

The DIV268N Driver is now wired to the JK02-M Breakout board.

Wiring Multiple drives to the Breakout board

Repeat the previous steps to wire additional DIV268N Drives to the JK02 Breakout Board. Make sure the Driver that is attached to the Stepper Motor on the Y axis is connected to the Y axis Terminal Block (item 16 on the JK02 Overview) on the JK02 Breakout board. The Driver attached to the Stepper Motor on the Z axis connects to the Z axis Terminal Block (item 17 on the JK02 Overview) on the Breakout board.


Connect the power supply to power and test the Stepper Motors while not under load. Make sure the Power switch on the Power chassis is in the “Off” position. Insert the power lead into the chassis. Turn off your wall socket and plug the power lead in. Turn on the wall socket and turn on your power switch. The green LED on Power supply should be on and the Power LEDs on each of the DIV268N Drives should be glowing. The Activity/Error LEDs may also be illuminated (on full) this is a normal condition as there are no control signals being received and the drives are interpreting this to be an error. The Stepper Motors should now be powered, when powered you should not be able to turn the motors with your fingers this is the holding torque which is holding the motor in place.

Do not leave drives powered on for any longer than 60 seconds, the DIV268 drive is “auto enabled” which means it is on and sending full current to the motor which will heat up quickly and damage both the motor and driver. Remember to turn it off when you are finished. Turning your machine on and homing it will rectify this situation.

Observe the unit for a minute or so to make sure nothing is wrong. Remember to turn it off when you are finished. Turn it off at the switch then the power point and unplug it from the wall. Always unplug your power supply when not in use. After turning off your power supply, please wait at least 60 seconds before turning it back on.

To test the physical movement of the motors the following instructions will need to be completed:

Configuring JK02-M5  Pins, Ports and onboard Relay

Supplementary Images

Power Supply powered on and power to the DIV268N Drives. Signal wires to driver have been changed to show Additional wiring kit and also show the “N” (negative signal) wire being jumped. A yellow wire has been used to bring in the negative signal to the PUL- terminal, a green wire has been used to jump the negative connection to DIR-.

Next Step

Connecting Emergency stop button to JK02 Breakout Board