Wire E Stop Button to JK02 Breakout Board

Connecting the Emergency Stop button to the JK02 Breakout board.

The function of an Emergency stop button is to bring all of your CNC components to a complete stop. It is usually not wired directly to any components other than the Breakout board (however, the e-stop button supplied in your kit has a separate second additional circuit that can be wired to other components). When the E-Stop button is pressed the Breakout board sends a signal back to the software and your software will stop all devices; Stepper motors, Router, Vacuum, fluid pumps, etc.. that are controlled by it. The main advantage to using an E-Stop button is that it is not a “hard off” like flicking a power switch, once you have cleared the issue you can resume cutting where the machine was stopped. It can be mounted anywhere in your enclosure but should be positioned so it services both the Breakout Board and AC Relay if you intend to use it as a direct off for attached devices.

 These instructions will cover how to connect your E-Stop button to the JK02-M Breakout Board.


AC Mains Power can kill or seriously injure

DO NOT plug in your equipment while you are working on it

Never add or remove wires from/to your Breakout Board while it is powered up as it may permanently damage it


Parts Required

Supplied Parts

1 x Mounted E-Stop Button

1 x Mounted and Wired JK02-M Breakout Board

1 x Twisted Pair Wiring set (or Additional Wire Set optional)

2 x Fork Terminals

  Parts to be sourced

No additional parts required.

  Recommended tools

Wire stripper

Wire cutter

Crimping tool

Flat head screwdriver (small)

Soldering iron and solder (optional)

Parts Overview

JK02 Breakout board

  1. 5v DC in Terminal block
  2. E-stop Input Terminal block
  3. A-Limit Input Terminal block
  4. Z-Limit Input Terminal block
  5. Y-Limit Input Terminal block
  6. X-Limit Input Terminal block
  7. Relay Terminal block
  8. D-Sub 25 – Parallel cable/PC input connector
  9. D-Sub 15 – Jog pendant Input connector
  10. DC Relay
  11. 5 Axis LED Display connector
  12. 4 Axis LED Display connector
  13. 3 Axis LED Display connector
  14. B Axis Terminal block
  15. X Axis Terminal block
  16. Y Axis Terminal block
  17. Z Axis Terminal block
  18. A Axis Terminal block
  19. 5v DC USB Power in connector
  20. Power source selector switch

Emergency Stop Button

  1. Terminal 1 (Normally Closed circuit in)
  2. Terminal 2 (Normally Closed circuit out)
  3. Terminal 3 (Normally Open circuit in)
  4. Terminal 4 (Normally Open circuit out)
  5. Normally Closed Circuit
  6. Normally Open Circuit
  7. Switch Assembly
  8. Inner retaining nut
  9. Rubber seal
  10. Outer retaining nut
  11. Mushroom button

Required/Recommend Steps Before these instructions

Mounting Emergency stop button

Connecting the JK02 Breakout board to the 5v DC to DC Converter

Assembly/Installation process

These instructions will cover wiring the JK02-M Breakout Board to the E-Stop Button. Positions of parts and lengths of wires  used are for instruction only and may vary from your actual setup and you will have to interpret/vary these instructions to meet your own needs. All parts and wiring from previous instructions have been omitted in an effort not to over complicate the images.

Wiring at the E-Stop Button

The best wire for this task is the twisted pair in your kit, however you can use the additional wire kit if you find these instructions difficult to follow with twisted pair. I was not able to draw the twisted pair correctly so I have ended up just drawing the wires from point to point, you will have to use your imagination, I was also not able to show the different stripes on wires either.

Why use twisted pair, well it’s designed to carry a signal better and the actual twisting of one wire around another aids in maintaining signal integrity.

Preparing the wire to connect to the E-Stop button

From your Twisted pair wire set choose a set of wires, I have chosen the Orange and Orange/white (Orange stripe not shown on
Orange/White). Roll them out so they are flat.

At one end strip each wire back approx 6mm and give each wires a twist (separately) to bind all the loose strands together.

To the stripped end attach a fork terminal to each wire (can be crimped but soldering preferred)

Connecting the wire to the E-Stop button

Loosen off Terminal 3 on the “NO” (Normally Open) side of the E-Stop button, insert the Orange wire and retighten Terminal 3.

Now loosen off Terminal 4 on the “NO” (Normally Open) side of the E-Stop button, insert the Orange/White wire and retighten Terminal 4.

In the example above the Fork Terminals have been bent at 45 degrees to allow them to seat against the E-Stop button better.

Wiring at the JK02 Breakout Board End

Running the wire to the JK02 Breakout board

Locate the E-Stop terminal block on the JK02-M Breakout Board, this is item “2” from the parts overview.

Run the Orange and Orange/White pair of wires to the E-Stop in terminals (labeled “Estop” on the JK02). The Orange “Positive” wire from the E-Stop Button will run to E-Stop+ (Left terminal) on the JK02. The Orange/White wire from the E-Stop Button will run to E-Stop- (Right terminal) on the JK02.

Leave about 6mm of additional wire and cut. Strip the wire back about 4mm and twist the loose fibers together.

Connecting the wires to the JK02 Breakout board

Loosen off the 2 terminals on the “Estop” terminal block on the JK02. Insert the Orange wire into E-Stop+ (Left) terminal.

Now insert the Orange/White wire into E-Stop- (Right) terminal and tighten both terminals.

The E-Stop Button is now wired to the JK02-M Breakout board.


Prior to testing the following instructions will need to be completed:

Configuring JK02-M5  Pins, Ports and onboard Relay


JK02-M5 Emergency stop button and Limit switches (TBA)

Supplementary Images


Next Step

Wiring Limit Switches to the JK02-M Breakout Board