Wire AC Router to SSR 4

Wire an AC Router to a SSR

Check that you can see the pronged plugs of the router and extension cord are not plugged in.
Best practice – hold the plugs in your hand and visually trace the cords back to the router and other end of the extension cord. This will confirm they are not plugged in.


Installing Rail Terminals

Every build is different but generally speaking you’ll have 2 breaks in your routers wiring. The first will be between the routers own power cord and the router end of the extension cord. 

The second will be where the extension cord interfaces with the SSR (Solid State Relay).

Positioning , the first rail terminal (break in router wiring) is at the router and can be placed in a few positions:
1. On the face Z Drive Plate,

2. On the back of the Z Support Plate,

3. on the back of the X Support Plate, or,

4. Anywhere else Suitable.

Once you have chosen your position you’ll need to create a 3 terminal strip connector and a 2 terminal strip connector. This is fairly simple, take you rail connector and cut off the segments as required. Cut through the mounting points. If you cut to close to the metal cores of the connectors or expose them, it is recommended you do not use that connector and cut off another replacement section.

Mount the 3 terminal connector securely to the chosen surface (on the back of the Z support plate pictured) using screws or nuts and bolts appropriate for the material your machine is made from. You’ll want to have a clear 15-20mm space either side of the connector to allow for wiring but you all so need to allow extra space to accommodate some form of wire clamp either side of the connector as well. When drilling into your Z axis assembly be aware of where your linear guides and ball/lead screws are as well as other components, contact with a drill bit may render them unusable.

Mount the 2 terminal connector securely to your electronics enclosure using a screws or nut and bolt appropriate for the material your enclosure is made from. It will need to be mounted on the AC side of the SSR. You’ll want to have a clear 15-20mm of space between the connector and SSR to allow for wiring and mount it centrally between terminals 1 and 2.