Wire AC Router to SSR 7

Wire an AC Router to a SSR

Check that you can see the pronged plugs of the router and extension cord are not plugged in.
Best practice –¬†hold the plugs in your hand and visually trace the cords back to the router and other end of the extension cord. This will confirm they are not plugged in.


Wire Cord to SSR

Give yourself a little extra cut allowance by pulling the cord a little further into the electronics enclosure. Then cut the extension cord all the way through inline with the centre of the SSR and rail connector.

Strip the outer sheath of the cord back about 30mm on each side. Do not nick the individual wires as you may create a point where the wiring can short.

Then strip back the individual wires around 6-8mm each. Give each wire a twist and make sure there are no loose strands sticking out.

With a small screwdriver loosen off all the terminals on the rail connector. Insert the stripped earth and neutral wires into the rail terminal and make sure:

  • Each wire (colour) lines up with its corresponding wire, earth to earth and neutral to neutral,
  • There are no loose wire threads bridging connectors,
  • Wires are clamped on firmly and centrally by the terminal screw, and
  • You test each wire by giving it a tug to make sure the connection is solid.

Then retighten all screws.

The Live wires should still disconnected loose.

This is optional but recommended – place a fork terminal on both exposed ends of the “Live” wire. Crimp the fork terminals with an appropriate tool and test by giving both of them a tug to see if they come away. If a fork terminal does come away, dispose of it and start again.

With a Philips head screwdriver loosen off terminals 1 and 2 on the SSR.
Insert the fork connector of the incoming “Live” current into terminal 1 on the SSR.
Terminal 1 “MUST” be connected to the wire that leads back to the power point.
Retighten terminal 1.

Insert the fork connector of the outgoing “Live” current into terminal 2 on the SSR. Terminal 2 “MUST” be connected to the wire that leads to the Router.
Retighten terminal 2.

Restrain the cord on both side with some form of clamp, pictured is a stick on clip.