Wire Power Supply to AC Supply 2

Wire Power Supply to AC Supply

Check that you can see all pronged plugs of your router, electronics and other devices, ensure they are not plugged in.

Best practice – hold the plugs of your devises in your hand and visually trace the cords back to the individual devices. This will confirm they are not plugged in.



Set The PSU to Correct Supply Voltage

What’s your local mains supply voltage?
Switching power supplies are a fairly generic product used for many applications all over the world. As the supply voltage around the world varies from country to country the PSU’s will need to be set to the closest voltage that is used in yours. Please look up what your local mains supply voltage is as you will need to know this to set your power supply. Map for reference only.

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A Quick Overview
The following diagram will give you a quick overview of the PSUs terminals, mountpoints and data plate. 

  1. Minor voltage adjuster
  2. DC+ Out terminals
  3. DC- Out terminals
  4. AC Input terminals
  5. PSU Data Plate
  6. Output voltage/Amperage rating
  7. Thermal fan grill
  8. Input voltage selector switch
  9. Vertical M4 mounting points
  10. Horizontal M4 mounting points

Locate the voltage selector switch (item 8 above), it will be on the right hand side of your power supply.

The switch will be showing either “230” or “110”, this will be the input voltage it is currently set to. The switch toggles left and right.

As there are the only two choices you’ll choose the setting that is closest to you local supply voltage. If you are in a country that has 240V then you would set it to “230” and if your country is 120V – you’ll set it to “110”.  You’ll notice the switch has a raised are with a slot in it, if the switch is not set to the required voltage put a small flat head screw driver in the slot and slide the switch to the required setting. The voltage you have it set to is the number you can read.

Your power supply should now set to the correct voltage – please chose from one of the options below to complete the wiring.