Wire Power Supply to AC Supply 7

Wire a Power Supply to an IEC Power Chassis

Check that you can see all pronged plugs of your router, electronics and other devices, ensure they are not plugged in.

Best practice – hold the plugs of your devises in your hand and visually trace the cords back to the individual devices. This will confirm they are not plugged in.


Installing an AC Switch

A Quick Overview
The following diagram will give you a quick overview of the IEC Chassis’ terminals and components. 

  1. AC Live input pin
  2. AC Live output pin
  3. Switch body
  4. Installation locking tab
  5. Switch data plate
  6. Mounting flange
  7. Rocker switch

If your chassis didn’t come with a switch you’ll need to obtain one that is appropriate for your AC voltage and currant draw. To install one is very simple, it will press in from the front of the chassis housing. As you push it in the installation locking tabs will compress and then pop back out as the switch passes through the IEC housing window. They will hold the upper mounting flange flush against the IEC housing.

The switch can only go in one of two ways, with the data plate facing up or down. Either way is fine but I’d like to recommend orientating the switch so the input pin lines up with the Live output pin of the chassis. 

Electrical pathways
With the switch in place it’s pretty much time to start wiring but before we start I’ll give you a quick look at the pathways the current will take. This is just to give you a better understanding. In these images the chassis housing and the fuse holder have been removed to give you a better look at what’s occurring. The image below shows the paths Earth and Neutral will take which just straight through as the input pin and the output pin are the same component. 

The Live path is a little more complex, the live current comes in and then is directed downward via a busbar. It will then pass through the fuse and then come out on the Live out put pin. It then needs to be jumped across to the input pin on the switch and the comes out on the switches output pin.

Hazard Warning!
There is something about the IEC Chassis you should be aware of when you a working on your electronics in future. If your cord is plugged it to the mains and the power point/outlet is switched on, even though the switch on chassis is turned off, the busbar on the back of the chassis is still live. This is because the switch is at the end of the circuit so everything else is still live up to that point. That’s why it’s recommended you get in the habit of turning off und unplugging  everything before commencing any maintenance (just like you would lockout equipment at work).

Always remember to extremely cautious when working with AC power, it’s worth the little extra time and make sure you don’t suffer a serious injury or worse.